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Victorian England: Portrait of an Age

Herbert Isaac Ernest Dhlomo was born in Edendale, Natal on February 26th, He was the second son to Ezra and Sardinia Dhlomo. Ezra came from a line of ancestors connected to a royal Zulu family from the Makabaleni area, north of Kranskop.

Sardinia came from an aristocratic family who emphasized their Christian and Victorian values, claiming to be amongst the first. G.M. Young portrays the golden political calm and sense of cultural comfort at play in mid-Victorian England.

G.M. Young | Published in History Today Volume 1 Issue 1 January Within the two years and Thackeray, Livingstone and Bright, Dickens. Number 1 (January) GWR 'Manor' No Foxcote storms away from Aberystwyth near Llanbadarn with the morning train to Shrewsbury in December T.B.


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Gm young victorian essays
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