Isllc standards reflections

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Improvement of research on explanatory administration:. The History of the ISLLC Standards Inwith funding from the Wallace Foundation, the Council of Chief State School Officers, National Governors Association and other organizations worked with scholars and practitioners from across the United States to develop national policy standards.

The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium’s (ISLLC) standards serve to define expected processes and outcomes for effective school leaders.

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These standards were developed in order to enhance the quality of education. ISLLC Standards and Functions related to this course: ISLLC Standard 2: An education leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, assessment and reflection in combination with current research and practice.

In the third stage (Group–stage) the candidates’ self-assessments and reflections will be shared with and. The ISLLC standards are foundational as to how universities prepare principals for school administration.

The state of Oregon has adopted a set of standards created. isllc standard #2- instructional planning An education leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

ISLLC Standard 6 An education leader promotes the success of every student by understanding, responding to, and influencing the political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context. Indicators.

Isllc standards reflections
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