Lenin had a greater impact on russias economy and society than any other ruler how far do you agree

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Why is Putin “allowing” Israel to bomb Syria?

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Vladimir Lenin

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- Russia was dominated by a rural economy and the mass of peasants far larger than that of the industrial workers. - There was little organization among the proletariat. - Trade Unions had limited influence before ; revolutionaries were scattered and mostly ineffective.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Communism vs Fascism.

Russian Revolution

Though some people may term communism and fascism as the two sides of the same coin, they are different in their ideology and other aspects. Communism is a socio economic system that stands for a class less, state less and an egalitarian society. Fascism is an ideology that tries to bring together radical and authoritarian nationalism.

Difference Between Communism and fascism

unthinking than any of the other rulers. his personal power in terms of his ability to change Russia was greater than any other ruler in practical if not theoretical terms. Certainly, no other ruler in the period had such an enormous impact on the everyday life of Russians, or on the historical development of the country.

Figure Perhaps more than any other modern monarch, Nicholas II attached his fate and the future of his dynasty to the notion of the ruler as a saintly and infallible father to his people. Lenin and his associates, however, had to agree to travel to Russia in a sealed train: Germany would not take the chance that he would foment revolution in Location: Russian Empire.

Lenin had a greater impact on russias economy and society than any other ruler how far do you agree
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