Reflection on concussions

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STEP Reflection: Internship in Physical Therapy

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I continue to be an on the field athletic trainer, I continue to educate on concussion, I continue to be active on Twitter but more importantly I am concentrating more on being a father and husband.

Feb 09,  · Dennis Wideman's appeal of his 20 game suspension for flattening linesman Don Henderson will be heard Wednesday. In order to have a chance at reducing or vacating the suspension, the NHLPA will.

Concussions are a very common problem with athletes, particularly with football players. And many athletes who sustain concussions have complained of various problems afterwards, including depression and anxiety. It’s as though the brain recognizes the reflection of itself, in its own language, and makes the appropriate adjustments.

"[The Reflexion Edge] aims to shed light on some of the darker areas of concussion protocol that leaves mild concussions often undiagnosed." forbes “[The Reflexion Edge] is designed to measure an athlete’s neurocognitive and psychomotor status in about 30 seconds.”.

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that affects how your brain functions. These effects can be short-term, lasting only a few hours or a couple of days, or cause long-term problems.

Concussions occur as the result of a traumatic blow to the head that causes the head and.

Reflection on concussions
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Concussion: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments, & Recovery